RelationshipThere’s one more important lesson we need to consider in the account of God telling Abraham to sacrifice his son.¬†Our children need to know that our relationship with God is more important than our relationship with them.


This will be an extremely unpopular idea in our youth-centric culture. Parents often believe that their children are the most important people in their lives, but a godly perspective (and the right perspective) does not think this way.


Who Is Most Important?


We also need to ask the question, IS IT more important to you that you are pleasing God or that you are pleasing your family? Which relationship comes first?


No one is suggesting our children are unimportant. They are extremely valuable! But as valuable as they are, if God is not more valuable, then this implies a disconnect somewhere. But since God does not require us to sacrifice our children to Him, what does it mean on a practical level for God to be more important?


What Does It Mean?


Among other things, it means that God’s desires override your child’s desires.


A home must have high values. Without them we have no structure, no foundation to build our lives upon. We know that the foundation cannot be the felt-needs of our children. It must not be that the most important voice in your clan is that of the most immature, but sometimes it is the most urgent voice, and that’s what we tend to focus upon.


A home that has higher values will understand the difference between the important and the urgent so that our children learn there is something more important than them in this world. Maybe that is a lesson we can all learn.


What do you think? Have you considered this account as it pertains to rearing children? Comment below!
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