You can make it.

I don’t know if we hear that enough. I’m not running anyone down when I say that, and I’m not going to discount the need for faith. I’m certainly not suggesting that we earn heaven. But still…

We all know this road is a tough one.

  • You will be treated unfairly and people will disrespect you.


  • You face challenges you never dreamed, and decisions that you are sure will alter your life forever no matter what you decide.


  • You are fighting against so many ideas and ideologies! So many pulls to so many sides. It can be disheartening, frightening, and debilitating.


  • You may not have any idea how you are going to face the challenges before you, or maybe you do. And just maybe your certainty will find new challenges to try to toss you around in this life.


This means war


There’s a reason the Bible says we are in spiritual war. War it is. War it has always been. And until your dying breath, war it shall be.


But with all the faith and hope that I can muster, and with all the confidence and determination available, with all the love I can fathom, I want today to be your day. You must know one thing beyond a shadow of doubt….








You are not alone.


Even if you are the only one in the battle, there are so many resources and helps. There are so many promises. And you serve a God who can do anything that is within the realm of power. I’ve learned that the things that seem impossible are the very things God accomplishes.


You serve the God of the Impossible.

Look at the thousands of years required to bring about His final product–the creation of a unique, completely new entity called a Christian. It only took 6 days to make the vastness of creation. Let that sink in. It took thousands of years for a Christian to be born in a new birth.
  • It’s not possible that God could create something from nothing.
  • It’s not possible that God can order the events of this world while still allowing us to act through free-will.
  • It’s not possible for an eternal Being to have a beginning.
  • It’s not possible for God to die.
  • It’s not possible for the unholy to be made holy again.


Those are all impossible! And yet, God devised a way for them all to happen.


You can do this.


What is it you are facing? You are a child of the Most High God. Doesn’t that make YOU able to do some things that seem impossible? I know it does. God can work it out in His own way. He can stay within the realms of the parameters He set in nature. He can do it in ways we might not fathom.


Never forget that He can.


And never forget that you can through His ability.


God bless you today.
Get out there and live.
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