I’m sure you are like me in that you probably have a lot of questions about the Bible. I regularly find and ask questions that I will probably never find answer to until I step into eternity, but it’s important to keep asking.

Asking questions about the Bible allows us to become better students of the Bible.

It’s unfortunate, but I know some people who are afraid of asking questions. They have been told it is evil. They have been told that they are not allowed to ask questions, that it shows a lack of trust and is disrespectful to God.

Of course we can ask questions dishonestly, but it’s not possible to grow in knowledge if we are never curious. The first rule of learning is the DESIRE for learning.

Don’t be afraid of asking questions. If by asking questions (and seeking answers) you find something that contradicts what you believe, then you can rejoice that you found truth! If you find something you already know, then you can rejoice in the truth all the more!

Isn’t it wonderful that God has given us the ability to learn and grow? We have brains that were designed to learn. Be sure to use them for God’s glory and learn all you can about Him!


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