girl-smallBabies are precious to us, aren’t they? They represent hope and all good things in this life. We have a strong desire to mold them and help them face life in the best possible way.

I wonder. Did God feel similarly about Adam and Eve when He created them?

An atheist once asked, “If God were real, why would He create humans knowing the trouble they would cause Him?”

I’ve wondered that same thing about some parents before. “Why did you even want to have children?” That question came because they acted as if their children were a problem instead of a blessing. Most parents consider their children to be blessings, and that was the basis for the answer to the atheist. Of course it was painful for God to save us from ourselves, and of course God knew what was going to happen before He created us. But as almost every parent understands deep down, it is worth the cost.

That comparison between God and parents starts to break down quickly because there is such a large difference between us and God, but we are allowed a glimpse of insight by our similar circumstances.

I don’t know all the answers. I don’t claim to understand God’s mind where it was not revealed to us, but we can know some things.

  • We know that God had purpose in creating us.
  • We can know that He would rather be called “Father” than “Master”, though He is both.
  • We can know the value that is inherent in humanity because of the cost He was willing to pay to create us.
  • And we can know that the God who wants to be called “Father” exudes the finest qualities of love.

Our God loves us and wants the best for us. What an honor to serve such a One! Have you expressed your love to Him lately?

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