What we see as truth may not be.

Looking at what was found in Iraq, we based the overthrow of Saddam Hussein upon bad information. He did not have stockpiles of chemical weapons. We can debate the morality of the war, but we cannot dispute that we never found the stockpiles. And while some are adamant that we knew all along and just wanted to invade Iraq for the oil, I believe we followed bad information. And that’s the thought for today: Do not underestimate the power of information and the importance of truth.


Information shapes our lives


Information shapes our lives, and in this age of information, truth is sometimes more difficult to discern.


There are billions of bytes of information floating on the web at any given time. We have access to more information today than we have ever had! And we have access to more false information as a result. Undoubtedly, we can believe and support any idea we want to hold. But truth matters. When it becomes rare, its value increases all the more.


The love of truth determines whether it will be found.


Some people are content to believe a lie. Perhaps they do not believe truth exists, or maybe they are comfortable rationalizing their false ideas. But one thing is certain, without a love for truth, we will easily accept lies. This is the greatest and most important element in finding facts.


Some facts are not important.


I can believe false information about some things and it will not matter. For example, is there liquid water on Mars? “Yes” or “No” answers this, and both cannot be correct. But does it matter if you get that question wrong? I’m not going to lose sleep over that one. But what about  the existence of God? What about the plan of salvation? Proper worship? There are many different ideas that we better understand correctly if we want to see God!


Are you open to truth?


So the first step to ensuring your ideas are correct is to determine your love for being correct. Do you value truth over error? Do your actions and habits reflect it?
It’s easy to say we want to be right (who doesn’t?), but if we are not willing to obey it  when we find it, we will probably miss it. Jesus said in John 7:17, “If anyone wills to do His will, he shall know concerning the doctrine, whether it is from God or whether I speak on My own authority.” It’s not magic, and it’s not a mystery, but acceptance of the truth demands a heart that is willing to accept it.


Are you sure you are open to truth? Do you fact-check your ideas or the things you hear? Do you read the Bible and study it to learn what it says (and not just to prove yourself right)? Do you listen when someone has an opposing view? How do you know you have truth if you never hear anything that could expose it as error?


I hope we all continue to love truth and value it appropriately.


Information is powerful. And that power makes it dangerous.
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