the spiritual must take priority

Thinking about Esau, it’s vital that we consider the importance priorities and values play but also consider what that focus must be. It’s easy to be generic and suggest we need to value the right things, but let’s think more specifically. We need a spiritual focus.

Defining “Spiritual”

Esau didn’t just miss the mark because he liked soup so much. It’s because he did not value the spiritual more than the physical. What does it mean to be “spiritual”? It means we think about and prioritize about things that are beyond the physical realm.

Even devout atheists have a spiritual side to them. They do not live entirely by the physical, though they might want to claim such. If they have parents or others that they love, that is a spiritual bond to some degree.

Being “spiritual” is a term most people use but few define. We have a fuzzy idea of it at best, and many people think it relates to “churchy activities” or even ghosts. We also use the word as a synonym for figurative. So it can get confusing! Of course, we’re talking about things related to the souls of humans and that spiritual realm in contrast to physical activities and functions. Practically speaking, we are also talking about ideas.

That was Esau’s problem. He did not think bigger than this world. His ideas were limited to the immediate and the temporal without consideration of something that could be more important.

What Esau Missed

One of the items in the promises of God was the concept that all the families of the earth being blessed through Abraham. Genesis 12:3 says it.

“And in you all the families of the earth shall be blessed.”

This is what Esau considered unimportant.

It was his choice and he chose a path that took him away from being a part of that blessing.

Do you want to make a difference?

Many of us would love to have a promise from God that through our lives all the families of the earth would be blessed. That’s a lot of influence and significance! That’s what many would call a life worth living and would be honored just to be a part of it.

You don’t have that promise, but you can think spiritually and still have an impact on others. You can make a difference in the lives of many others–but to do so you are going to have to think about spiritual things. You can impact people financially and physically in many ways, and they will thank you for it, but to make an impact that means even more, think spiritually. After all, once the joys of this life on earth are complete and all the money is either used up or about to be worthless because of death, those earthly blessings will mean very little.

Spiritual focus is far more important than the physical.

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