The heart matters

I recently read about a psychologist bemoaning the treatment he received from scientists involved with “real” science (indicating that they thought psychology was not a legitimate science since it deals with “matters of the heart”). Apparently feuds exist. In summary, he said, “Biologists and physicists tell me that emotions are not real science and ultimately don’t matter, but then they complain constantly that their wives are leaving them and their families are falling apart.”

Whoever thinks emotions don’t matter is out of touch with his/her emotions. That’s a dangerous place to be. Why does the Bible talk about joy, love, peace, patience, kindness, and gentleness? Why do we sometimes define these clinically and not organically?

We sometimes treat the topic of emotion like Spock would–purely logical. But we’re not trying to convince Spock or some robot to become a Christian. We’re trying to reach humans. And a human cannot give himself completely to Christ without giving his heart–all of his heart.

The Heart Is A Wonderful Servant And A Terrible Master

As we reach out to others, we need to speak to their hearts. The Biblical “heart” comprises several different things. It thinks and decides. It also feels. A balanced Christianity is one that takes into account ALL of the heart. This is where influence begins.

And this is where you can help impact others for Jesus. No one wants emotional manipulation, so instead, let’s focus on spreading glad tidings that bring hope and joy to people who have little to look forward to in the world. That is a fundamental pursuit in The Truth In Love and a fundamental pursuit of Christians.

That’s not to suggest that we should be overly emotional or that truth should never feel painful. (Actually truth is not painful, sin is, and that pain is felt in the presence of truth.)

Our aim is not to please everyone, but it’s certainly not our aim to make everyone angry either.

How can we help you and encourage you? How can you serve and help others and reach their hearts?

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