Some amazing things are happening online.

Internet Usage

Tweets sent: 7,338/second     Instagram Photo Uploads: 741/second     Tumblr Posts: 1,157/second

Skype Calls: 2,267/second     Internet Traffic: 37,898 GB of data/second     Google Searches: 56,180/second

YouTube Videos Viewed: 130,861/second     Emails Sent: 2,522,276/second

Internet Users use (on average) 5.54 Social Media Accounts

Social Media Giants

Facebook: 1.71 Billion Active Users     Tumblr: 550 Million Active Users     Instagram: 500 Million Active Users

Twitter: 313 Million Active Users      Snapchat: 300 Million Active users     Pinterest: 150 Million Active users

We must take advantage of our opportunity!


Church Growth Through Modern Media

Using Modern Methods to Tell the Old, Old Story

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