boy looking through window shuddersHave you ever found something or reached an important goal only to realize that it was not satisfying? That’s actually a message to you. When we find what we seek, sometimes we learn that what we found is not what we were really seeking. Seek the right things. To help with this, notice the principle Jesus taught in Matthew.

Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you.

-Matthew 7:7

We can see Jesus telling us that if we seek heaven, forgiveness, or any spiritual blessing, we will receive it. This is a promise! And it’s a very comforting promise for sure. But we could also see it a little differently and learn another valuable lesson from it. If it is true that if we seek we will find, isn’t it also true that what we find points to what we are seeking? Maybe that is not a hard rule, but it can be very revealing if we take the time to consider it.

When we find more than we sought.

It’s possible that we might find what we seek but also find trouble we were not wanting. This is the warning in 1 Timothy 6:9-10, that seeking riches will bring many snares and troubles to your life. It applies to far more than money. It applies to the woman who dresses intentionally provocative for her husband but then finds unwanted stares from other men who see her. It’s found in the man who seeks a promotion at work and loses his wife because she can’t stand the man he became.  In both situations, the “other stuff” was obviously not sought, and no one wants to excuse the sins of others, but every responsible adult knows–there are often hidden snares in this life.

Sometimes what we find has baggage that we never saw.

But there is still another way to see this.

When we seek the wrong things.

Besides the fact that we might find more than we sought, if we seek the wrong things, we will probably not find what satisfies. Would a man or woman seek billions of dollars in the bank account because he or she wants billions of dollars? Probably not. They probably want security, or friendship, or a good self-image, or any number of things. And they may not even realize it. We, humans, are easily fooled into thinking we want something we really don’t want. We confuse ourselves and warp ourselves. And if we never realize it, we will never be free from it.

God created us with all of our needs in order to help bring us closer to Him. If we use them to pull us away from Him, it is because we were fooled into thinking that sin or physical things will fulfill a need. They won’t. They can’t. God made you in His image, a spiritual being. Nothing physical can ultimately satisfy, and no sin can bring happiness.

Our job is to look at what we are seeking, to be sure it is appropriate and to find out why we are seeking it. When we know why we are seeking it, we can better determine if it will meet that “why”.

A drunkard does not drink because he enjoys the feeling of drunkenness. He drinks to find friends, or to bury sorrow, or to escape reality, or so many other possible reasons. But if he would discover why he sought the booze, what he was REALLY looking for, he would have a much better chance of finding it.

Sure we find what we seek, but we better know what it is we seek or we might just settle for anything.


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