Abraham Was Willing To Pay The Price

For a moment, suppose God decided to sell property in Heaven. What currency could we use to purchase it? What would be the price for a room with a view of that holy city? If you were to put a dollar value to it, what would it be? I’m talking about an eternity of living in the presence of God, without pain, without sorry, without worry of any kind. I’m talking about being immortal.

We would quickly conclude that money could not be used at all. The price would need to be something greater than money, but what could it be? Would you give up all potential happiness on this earth to purchase it? With the prospect of eternal life in that place, would you give up everything you have or care about? Would you give up all possessions and power on this planet in exchange? Sign away all of your rights and privileges on this planet?

Would you with your bare hands kill your own children?

Would You Pay That Price?

If the price for Heaven was killing your children, how many people would go?

What kind of world would we live in if that were the cost of eternal life? (I don’t want to even consider it very long.)

But that is the price Abraham was willing to pay. And if that is the cost, would we pay it?

However, we don’t have to pay that price for Heaven. We must pay more. We can only weigh the price by looking at previous costs– the death of God’s Son.

Abraham’s Heart Of Faith

Abraham did not reveal a heart of murder but one of longing to find the blessings of God. He knew that God could raise the boy to life again. When we left his servants at the bottom of that mountain to travel to the place he would kill his son, he told his servants, “WE will return”. He knew that God promised the blessings through Isaac and in order for God to keep His word, that boy would need to live again.

I’m thankful that God stopped his hand though. What a precedent if Abraham had done it! And I’m thankful that’s not the price I have to pay.

And I’m thankful that God did not stop His own hand in putting to death HIS Son for our salvation. How humbling. How praise-worthy! With the stay of Abraham’s hand, looking at the cross of Christ, God said, “You don’t need to pay that price. I’ll do it instead.”

That’s the God we serve.

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