Maybe you’ve seen it too.

Some people endure trials which seem nearly impossible for us to imagine while others seem to languish in relatively minor difficulties. Why is that?

There may be many reasons, but one answer relates to perspective.

We all face trials. I’ve learned over the years that intensity and depth of problems are not nearly as important as my reaction to them, and in this case my reaction relates to a particular memory. How easily I forget that all trials have value.

I’m not foolish enough to pretend that I can explain the value of every situation. All I can offer every situation is faith. James said, “Count it all joy when you fall into various trials” (James 1:2). That tells me something important. It tells me that there is a way to find joy in the circumstances I face in life. Sometimes all we have is the hope that something good can come from it in the end, even if we cannot see it ourselves. Even in the blinding pain of loss and suffering, we are called to trust that God can make a difference in our situations.

What a challenging idea!

Like I said, it’s one of faith. Faith is not seeing the end and knowing all the twists and turns that get me there. It is putting my hope in the hands of my God who does see and does know.

So don’t give up the hope that can see you through your tough times. Hang on to the faith. Trust in your God to see you through. He will not leave you or fail you. Even in the darkest of times, take hope in the God who knows and sees all.

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