With patient faith Abraham desired morePaul called Abraham “the father of all who believe” in Romans 4:11. This man was called by God to leave all he had and travel to a place he did not know. “Get out of your country, from your family and from your father’s house, to a land that I will show you” (Genesis 12:1). He lived for something more, and by doing it, he helped to shape our world. His life teaches great lessons about righteousness, purity, and hope, but his life also teaches us about patient faith.

Abraham had dreams and visions of More

Abraham held high hopes and expectations. He had it from good authority that he would make something of his life. Through literal dreams and visions, God called Abraham to greatness, to step toward becoming a great nation. All the families of the earth would know him, and love him. In faith and hope, Abraham walked and wandered throughout the Promised Land, always longing for the “more” that God promised.

And he waited.

Abraham waited for More


It’s one of the most difficult things we humans do–not that waiting is “doing”. However we may define success, we must grab it soon, if not immediately. Life is short! Go for the gusto! We need to see results!With patient faith Abraham desired more

And yet one of the greatest men in the history of civilization spent his life waiting.

Abraham died waiting for God (literally) to fulfill his dreams. He never saw the fulfillment with his eyes, but he saw through the eyes of faith. He saw the glorious God carrying out His plans. He saw his son born in old age. Abraham’s family grew in might and honor, and he saw the slow reach toward those promises and visions. And he died, waiting still for something more.

What is your “more”?

If you die before achieving your dreams will it matter?

What if your dreams are too small?

Abraham’s faith waited for God’s working, looking for generations ahead to fulfillment. He “saw”, and that explains his faith. Abraham’s patient faith did not come from settling for his lot in life. It came from looking for more–the “more” that God promised him.

As God’s children we have so many blessings in life that he never experienced. We have. And we SEE.

In all of Abraham’s wanderings and struggles, throughout his life of wandering and waiting, with each sandy step in the wilderness, he was looking ahead to a place he had no idea how to obtain, but with full assurance that God’s plans would take root. He trusted in God and did not become discouraged. His hope and deire for God’s blessings pulled him through life, always looking for that promised reward, even though it was far away.

And we, with our great advantages and superior knowledge, how is it that our dreams and goals are so restricted to “ME”? Challenge the notion that our lives have meaning only within our personal accomplishments. Look, through faith, to a future that God is bringing.

As you wade through the sands of time, develop your patient faith by living for something more.

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