overcome cycles of evil

With Each Generation There Is A Cycle Of Evil

Every generation is responsible for making the most of their time on earth–to overcome and make the world better, but so often we find ourselves trapped by the circumstances of our raising. We learn terrible ideas and habits from our own parents who learned them from their parents. In the discussion of “nature versus nurture” so many of our problems are because of the “nurturing” we have received.

Genesis 26:6-9 perfectly illustrates this. Isaac lied about Rachel, claiming she was his sister and not his wife. If that sounds familiar, it’s because his father did the same thing. Twice.

I can’t imagine how it would make their wives feel, but that did not seem to be a concern. Perhaps it was an effort to save both of them, but it seems merely an effort from the husbands to save their own lives.

Isaac saw Abraham do it. He saw Abraham get away with it. It’s not difficult to imagine that Isaac actually thought Abraham profited from it, because he did. Why would Isaac behave differently?

Sooner or later, the cycle has to stop. You younger ones, YOU can decide that it ends with your generation. Overcome.

Break The Cycle Of Evil, Whatever It Is

This is not meant to put down a generation. Older people had to stop cycles too. Perhaps they (we) stopped a terrible cycle of harm and abuse, or slowed it a bit. Maybe they stopped it but accidentally created new ones that were just as bad. It happens. The point is not one of guilt, but hope.break and overcome

This is aimed at you younger people–those who are just starting out in life. You have the means and the ability to identify any bad cycles you grew up with. Identify them and decide now that they will not be passed along to the next generation. Don’t pass down bad habits and morals. Don’t pass down lies and cover-ups. Destroy cycles of abuse. Overcome and find better ways to deal with reality.

The baton is passing into your hands, and you have the ability –the responsibility– to take the life you’ve been given and fashion a generation better than what you received.

Just be careful how you do it.

Understand The Cycle First

If you don’t understand why something is wrong, you cannot correct it. Spend much time looking at the actions of those who went before you. Judge righteously and fairly without being too critical. Understand why people behave the way they do. Then determine to find better ways.

We’re counting on you to ease into a better world. We’re not done either, not by a long shot. We are still forming and shaping our world as best we can, and we count on you to help us find footing as we push toward a better life for everyone.

That’s progress.

It requires wisdom and strength, tied with passion for truth.

You younger ones get a lot of hate sometimes. We Gen X-ers know a thing or two about such hate. But this is not about bitterness. Don’t be a victim. Overcome hate by letting others see they are wrong about you. There are many of us who look at our teens and twenty-year-olds with admiration and excitement. You people have such magnificent opportunities ahead of you! What you choose to do with it will make an eternal difference.

So be sure your decisions are eternal ones.

Accept help from those who have gone before, and together we can push to a better world and break these cycles of evil that seem to pervade.

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