michelangelo-71282_1280“So Adam gave names to all cattle, to the birds of the air, and to every beast of the field” (Genesis 2:20).

Who named you? Was it your parents? The government? Would you like to rename yourself?

Names are important. They help define. They shape our understanding, and give direction. They can also produce a sense of belonging and identity.

Names have great significance. Naming something is a sign of authority, a defining for one’s own use and/or responsibility. This is a reason parents have the right to name their children. The name helps define the child. That definition grows from family values and reputation. But sometimes we don’t want that name. Sometimes we need to redefine ourselves so that we can have a better life. (You don’t have to literally change your name to start over, it’s the definition that matters.) We need a new start and a new definition, a re-branding.

We might be tempted to rename ourselves, but be careful with that! Names affect behavior. We become our definition. You have a limited perspective. It’s better to let God name you and define you.

Adam named the animals from a basic understanding of them, and God named humanity. He defined us based upon our nature. Thousands of years later, He created a new name, a new definition based upon a new nature. This is what Jesus introduced to us. He taught us how to be transformed into something new–a new name that had never been uttered except in the mind of God. We can now be called Christian! Here is the new definition that we need. Instead of the old self full of sin, we can have a new name that represents love, joy, peace, and all the good things of God. So let God be the one to define you and name you again.

Our definition has changed if we are in Christ. We are now a part of the family of God. We receive definition and direction by identification with God’s family. Be happy to be called Christian! Learn more about what that names means, and live up to it as best you can.

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