knowledge starts with God

We’ve seen a lot of fake news online. It’s a little disturbing how easily we can be fooled, but it’s a great lesson to always question the source of any information we receive. It also speaks volumes about our own trustworthiness and the need for truth and knowledge.

But with so much misinformation and lies out there, how do we know what is true?

A Lot of Someones

From a biblical perspective–with so many conflicting thoughts out there about God and His word, how do we purge the bad information? It can be a daunting task, and the more information we have access to, the more daunting the task becomes. But information is not the problem.

Information is not evil. Alternate ideas are not necessarily evil either. Isn’t it amazing that according to Jesus most people will not make it to Heaven? (They are not called the highway to Hell and the path to Heaven for no reason–they indicate the trend.) The amazing thing is not that Jesus revealed this, it’s that NO ONE thinks they are in the wrong. Their ideas and lifestyle are correct; therefore, those who don’t agree with them are the ones on the highway going in the wrong direction. But we all cannot be correct about that even if we all think it about others.

Someone is wrong. A LOT of “Someones”. We can either decide to put our fingers into our ears and ignore information, or we can look at it and decide what is truth. It’s not easy, but it’s sane. Information is not evil. We ignore it at our peril. But how do we KNOW which information is correct? Which interpretation is the right one?

Instead of throwing up our hands, let’s look at the foundational principle for finding truth. The wisest of all the kings of the earth, Solomon, taught us this principle about 3000 years ago and it is more needed today than perhaps any time in history. It’s found in Proverbs 1:7:

The fear of the LORD is the beginning of knowledge, but fools despise wisdom and instruction. 

True knowledge does not start with mere curiosity or desire for truth. It begins with understanding and fearing God.

Our task begins with growing to understand God.

Knowledge: Because… God

The Bible teaches us a great deal about what it means to be human, but (more importantly) the Bible reveals God. Every verse in every chapter in every book all work to show us God’s nature and activities. From the beginning where we see how the earth was formed and created–it was not simply to teach us about our origins but to show us God’s nature. All 66 books of the Bible have that same agenda. The emphasis is upon what God has done and what response from us His nature demands.

That’s it. You might say it’s the start and then we can move into more specific ideas, but as you move from idea to idea in the Bible, the more you learn the more you realize that it’s still all about God. And rightly so.

When the Bible becomes about “US”, we will never understand it.

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