Temptations of JesusIt only makes sense that God would teach us how to combat temptations. We all face them to varying degrees. We know from James 1 that we are tempted because of our own desires. And while desires are not evil in and of themselves, we sin when we act upon them improperly.

And we can act upon them in many different ways.

If anyone can teach us about overcoming, it’s Jesus. The Bible records Jesus overcoming to show us how to win too. These are not magic formulas that automatically destroy temptation, but the priniciples show us strategies for winning.

This is life and death.

Our fight against temptation is a serious one. Our lives depend upon it–sometimes physically. Always spiritually.

Over the next few days we will be looking at the temptations of Jesus. We’ll see what the challenges were, and how Jesus overcame them. In the end, we will see a clear plan to overcome temptations and win in life.


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