Will You Help Us Reach The Lost?

The Truth In Love is in the “business” of teaching the Gospel. We never solicit funds on television, but there are many expenses. The most obvious is airtime. Brown Trail church of Christ pays salary for the director and a couple of other part-time helpers, and their contribution to those areas is substantial. Because of this, we cannot enter new markets until funds are raised over and above what we need for all the markets already.

So we need some help. If you find the program worthy of your support, please consider helping us.

We in the churches of Christ have always prided ourselves on the biblical principle of “taking care of our own”. Because of that, we (respectfully) do not request funds from people who are not members of our congregations. If you are a member of the church of Christ and wish to contribute, please select a monthly amount and click “Subscribe”: (Note: if you want to give but cannot meet the options below, please tell us and we can add your request as an option.) Or you may scroll down to give a one-time donation.

Would you rather make a one-time donation instead of a monthly commitment? Donate below!

Need to Unsuscribe? Contact me here:

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