the name of JesusIt was not long ago that a judge required a woman in Australia to change her baby’s name because she named him Lucifer. In fact, rumor has it that several people named their sons Lucifer. Normal people name their son or daughter a name with the hope that they will live up to it, but surely this was not what they were hoping would happen with that name!

Names are important

Our name means something to us. And well it should. A name helps establish identity, even personality. We react to others differently based on their names, and it’s the source of all kinds of troubles for young teens who have unfortunate names.

“Jesus” means “savior,” and it is fitting. In fact, they called Him many things in His lifetime.

“Messiah” means “anointed” and refers to kings who are anointed to begin their service to God.

His name was also “Immanuel”– “God with us” (Matthew 1:23).

Those three names give us a great glimpse of the mission of Jesus.

The anointed One came to earth in order to save us from our sins and the punishment determined for us. He was called many other things, all great things, but these are 3 of my favorites.

Practically speaking – why His name is so important

Jesus understands you. He came and lived in the flesh, experiencing life as we do (God with us). Yes, there are some differences in how we live now compared to His life 2,000 years ago. In many ways, life is much easier for us. His was a life of struggle, and sorrow–a brutal world without the human rights we enjoy, unless you had wealth or power. Social Security, insurance, good schools, clean and running water — so many things we take for granted were not even dreams to most people then.

Not to mention modern conveniences and electronics.

We live in the best time the world has seen in many ways, so when we look at Jesus and understand that He lived the perfect life in a time we can only imagine, fraught with difficulties — to see that He victoriously made it through should tell us that He can also help us through our relatively easy lives.

Jesus lived up to His name. Have you seen in your own life how He can help you?

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