bride-groom-wedding-couple-50688“Therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother, and shall cleave unto his wife” (Genesis 2:24).

God defined marriage as a union of different equals. Each person in the marriage provides an invaluable part to the whole. They are not opposites but complements, and should be treated accordingly.

Adam was given the ability to name his wife. He called her Eve because she was the mother of all living (Genesis 3:20). She was presented to him as a helper in is work. He had the intended leadership and authority.

Eve was taken from Adam’s side and he took her back to his side when God put them together. It’s amazing when you consider how God did that. The creation was amazing enough! But consider the presentation. What must have Adam thought when he saw her the first time?

Notice The Circumstances.

  • He was shown that he was alone and needed someone during the time he named the animals.
  • God caused a sleep to befall Adam and took a rib from him. Adam knew what happened judging from his response, “This is now bone of my bones.”
  • God took the rib from his side, not his head or feet. She belongs at his side, not at his head or feet.
  • God fashioned her last of all creation.
  • She was fashioned only during recognized need so he would appreciate this “gift”.
  • She was fashioned apart from him but introduced to him by God.
Could you imaging Adam not knowing anything about Eve and stumbling upon her one day while walking around? It would have been fine, but consider the lessons God taught humanity by doing it the way He did.


Consider The Lessons.

  • We are dependent upon each other.
  • Both men and women are special and uniquely valuable.
  • We are different but still both the same humanity.
  • Eve was to be cherished as a gift to her husband.
  • Adam was to be respected as the first and the lead.
  • They naturally come together for a fit that is God’s design.

Marriage is a beautiful establishment that is a fundamental part of the human experience. Not everyone can or should marry, but the institution should be valued and respected for what it is.

Thank God that He has given us a foundation for society that (with proper understanding) promotes health of both men and women.

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