holy means uniqueThe Bible illustrates what it means to be holy in many ways –through laws, doctrines, and human behavior. An example of the foundation of holiness is found in the life of Abraham. Leaving his father’s household to travel to a land he did not know represents the foundation or beginning of holiness: Separation.

Holiness can be defined as uniqueness, and at its heart, separation. It’s not separation for the sake of division but for the sake of uniqueness. A truly holy person has separated from the common and stepped into a uniqueness of┬ábehavior originated by and through God. He is the ultimate definition of what it means to be holy.

Abraham Was Holy Because of His Faith

In Genesis 24:6 we see the commitment Abraham had to being holy. This verse tells us about his priorities.

“But Abraham said to him, ‘Beware that you do not take my son back there.’ “

Contextually, Abraham sent his servant on a quest to find a wife for Isaac. He sent the servant to his own people but stipulated that the servant must bring her to Canaan. Isaac was not to return to his homeland under any circumstances. The reason? God gave them Canaan. Abraham’s child would receive the inheritance promises and his place was there in the land allotted to him.

Abraham’s faith led to holiness. His faith led him to separate from the past and push toward a new future with new goals and new priorities. His faith led him to be holy.

Are You There?

Surely there are ways we must push forward in life that require faith.

Someone once said that you cannot take second base until you get your foot off of first base. Where is faith taking you in life? Are you holding on to the past? Are you holding on to what is comfortable? Let go, and begin that fantastic journey of faith. This is the beginning of holy.

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