This is me, but I don't have the beard anymore.

This is me, but I don’t have the beard anymore.

My name Jason Sparks, and I am the new director for “The Truth In Love”. I am very happy about my new position and I am excited to continue in the great tradition of the program.

“The Truth In Love” is more than an idea and more than a TV program. After 31 years of programming, a wealth of great information has been collected and preserved. This is a fantastic source to help you in your spiritual walk.

Today we recorded the first program since I came aboard. Things went well, and we should be airing new episodes in a very short time. Thank you for supporting the program through our transition!

Brandon is learning the ropes!

Jared is learning the ropes!

We also began training a few volunteers who will help in the studio. The work cannot be done well without several people who have given their time in the past, and it will be the same as we go into the future. Several of the volunteer are teens. They pick up the technology quickly. We also have some volunteers who have not been teens for a while, and they are doing great too!

If you are interested in volunteering to help in the work, please let me know! We need people in a lot of areas and in a lot of places. I will address those needs in future posts.

Please pray for our work and that we will have ample opportunity to spread the Word through this wonderful program!


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