boy-opening-to-lake“And the LORD God commanded the man, saying, “Of every tree of the garden you may freely eat…” (Genesis 2:16).

Imagine that humans could only eat potatoes. Would you wish you could eat something else? We would likely not consider the idea of a wish. But what if you were told that from this day forward you would only eat one item. Would you wish for something else? Knowing what you know now, are you not thankful to be able to eat more than one item? The awareness of the abundance of choices is a blessing in itself.

This planet is perfectly suited for mankind. All of our provisions are available. We might not take care of them, and we might cause some difficulties for ourselves, but on the grand scale, God has given us all that we need for living on this planet and becoming what He intended.

But we also know there is a spiritual side to humanity. Part of our knowledge of reality demands that we find something more to life than the physical. We were created that way, as evidenced by looking at all of the cultures of the world and seeing that they all search for meaning. It is a fundamental yearning of humanity that helps define us. This awareness is a blessing.

It’s great that we long for the spiritual. Could you imagine not having the ability to know there is more? You might say that we would not know the difference. Ah, but now, now that you know, isn’t it a blessing?

Today, let’s be aware of the “something more” to life. And let us be thankful that we can find it!

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