genealogyMatthew and Luke give us information about the genealogy of Jesus, and we tend to just skip over the names. Why are the two lists there? We know that there is nothing in the Bible that was included accidentally, so consider a couple of ideas with me.


The genealogy teaches us that we are useful.

One of the lessons we learn by looking at the genealogies is the fact that God used imperfect people to bring about His plan. That would be necessary since we are all imperfect, but it is nice to remember. You are useful to God too. No matter how bad your life has been, hope abounds if we will continue to turn to Him in faithful obedience.


The genealogy teaches us that Jesus understands us.

But perhaps one of the greatest lessons to me is that Jesus actually had a genealogy. He had human relatives and was flesh and blood Himself. I have no idea how God accomplished that, I just know He did it. And now, we are the beneficiaries of His humanity. He understands us. He knows what it is like to face temptation and sorrow. He knows what it means to live and die as a human. Armed with that experiential knowledge, He now sits at the right hand of His Father in Heaven. And still He is available to us.

How much more must we hear in order to convince us that God loves us and wants us to succeed in this life He created for us? We have Jesus; God became flesh and dwelt among us. He came to sacrifice His own life, to overcome sin and death, and to bring His own special people to our Father in the end. What marvelous love!

Do you have any other ideas about why we have these genealogies? I’d love to hear your ideas.
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