FocusThe parable of the sower reveals different levels or stages of the spiritual heart. The first two stages relate to a lack or loss of value regarding truth. The third level concerns focus.


If you’ll notice in Luke 8, the third soil allowed growth of the seed, but others things grew up along with the plant that prevented further development. Truth sank deeply into the heart and it was nurtured properly so that growth began. But the person never produced fruit. They never became what God’s word intended for them to become.


We sometimes find ourselves in this position. We have depth and we nourish the presence of God’s word in our hearts, but we fail to become what God wants from us.


The key to fruit-bearing is focus.


A few thoughts to help with spiritual focus.

  • Remember what is important. Anything that distracts us from building toward Heaven demonstrates skewed priorities.
  • Keep feeding your faith. That’s done through regular prayer and study as well as stepping out of our comfort zones and doing good deeds for others.
  • Set goals. You don’t know if you are growing if you don’t know what “growing” means.
  • Set dates. Nothing motivates growth quite like putting a date to a goal. Some people say that goals without dates are just dreams. Set a goal and then tell yourself when you will accomplish it.
  • Look for opportunities. Fruit is borne by seizing opportunities as they come up.
  • DO.

What do you recommend to help us keep spiritual focus? Comment below and let’s talk about it!

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