walk by faithIt seems logical that Abraham could trust God more readily when God asked him to travel to a new world. He knew that he would face difficulties, but there was nothing to this that seemed impossible. It also seems logical to have faith that in future generations God would give the land of Canaan to his posterity. That also lies within the realm of what is possible. But God told him he would have a male heir. That was no longer a matter of the possible. It was physically impossible! But as it turns out, they just needed to think bigger.


Sarah devised a plan.

So Sarah devised a plan. She offered Hagar to Abraham as a wife so that he could have a child, because Sarah was far too old to have children. There were many regrets and difficulties that sprang from this arrangement–difficulties that in some ways have spilled over into our modern times. But it didn’t have to be that way. Sarah’s mistake was failing to have faith that God would make the way for Abraham to have a child through her, even if it were impossible.

Abraham followed the plan. He faltered in belief too. In his lack of imagination, he never considered that God would perform something amazing and give him a child through Sarah. His limited imagination placed limits on what he believed could happen.

Never tell God what He can’t do.

It’s easy to be hard on Abraham if we don’t put ourselves in his place. Imagine that you have a wife that is approaching 90 while you are nearly 100 and God comes to you and promises you will have a child. Would you automatically assume God would perform His word through your wife? Would any woman near 90 think to herself that she could have a child?

Perhaps their problem was not faith, but imagination. They could not fathom having a child together, and if you cannot have a child together but God said you would have a child, perhaps you would conclude that God wants you to have a child through another woman. It makes sense if you keep your thinking small.

Faith requires us to think bigger.

In Abraham’s case, he seemed to know that polygamy was wrong. He only had one wife while the rich and powerful often had many. That could not be accidental. His limited imagination limited his faith.

What limitations are you placing on God’s promises in your life because you fail to think bigger? Oh, maybe it’s not a lack of faith on your part. You believe God will keep His promises. Maybe you are even doing something because you believe God wants it. But maybe you are also doing something you should not do because you have a limited imagination.

Remember to think bigger. It’s a challenging idea, and full of exciting opportunities. Don’t tell God what He can’t do. Trust Him to bring about His word in ways you might have never considered.

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