Devotions for the Spirit

Developing the Fruit of the Spirit

Developing Your Spirit

The development of the fruit of the Spirit (found in Galatians 5:22-23) is one of our primary objectives as Christians. And it is a pursuit that will satisfy you beyond your expectations and bring fulfillment to your life. The fruit is from the Spirit of God as we learn from Him through His word, the Bible. But it is also a development of our own spirit, and that’s what makes life worthwhile!

When Paul wrote about this fruit, he stated that “against such, there is no law” (Galatians 5:23). There is no limit from God for how much of this fruit you can produce. In fact, God wants us to abound in such growth because it will bring Him glory as we grow. So the only limit to the production of it comes from our own human frailties. But it’s not easy to develop these character traits. We need all the help we can get from each other. And that’s the reason for this blog.

Our goal at The Truth In Love is to help all of us get to Heaven. Please help us do that by prayerfully considering these devotional thoughts. And please help us fulfill our mission of bringing the message to as many people as possible to help more people develop through the Spirit.

How To Transform Your Decisions And Grow Spiritually

All of the decisions we make have consequences. Consequences are inescapable. It’s time for us to stop dreading the consequences, stop merely accepting that they are there, and begin USING those consequences to improve our spirituality by improving our love for God and others around us.

A Preacher’s Perspective for Comforting People Who Mourn

I’ve been a preacher since June 1999 and I’ve seen a few things. That does not mean I am an expert. In fact, I still feel like this is an area of struggle. But through trial and error, and even by watching others, I’ve learned many things NOT to do. And I have also learned some things that we CAN do. If you want to be able to successfully serve and help a friend or family member who is grieving, start here.

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