God exists. We can know it. In spite of the vitriol of some atheists who attempt to change opinions through intimidation and unethical practices, God has always been and will always be. You need to understand and believe that there is plenty of evidence to prove His existence.


The very fact that you are alive and reading this is evidence. We came from some place, and there are only two options to explain. Either you are here because of chance evolution of one living cell over millions or billions of years, or you are here because someone greater than you created you. And evolution cannot explain how you are here. Oh sure, the theory is valid in the logical sense of that term. But in debate there is validity and soundness to understand.

The Difference Between Valid And Sound Arguments

 A valid argument simply means the propositions equal the conclusion. For example, suppose I state that all cars are red. Then you tell me you have a car. What would I conclude about your car? I would conclude that it is RED because I stated that all cars are red.


I can hear it now though. You are saying, “Jason, I’ve seen lots of cars that are not red!” In that case I must either say, “Those are not cars that you saw. (Perhaps I would make something up by suggesting those are KARS, not CARS–“an easy mistake to make.”) Or I could admit the truth and say that the argument is valid but not SOUND. A valid argument makes sense in its context, but only a sound argument tells the truth. (During an election year you can hear LOTS of valid arguments that are not sound. Have you noticed this?)

You Came From Some Place – God Exists

But you came from some place, and there is no way to show how it could happen through natural means. Life just does not spring up from something that is not living. No matter what you do to dirt, that dirt will not start living. It’s a fundamental law of biology. Only life begets life. Since that is true, it only stands to reason that life produced life on this planet. And where did such life originate?


Some atheists have actually suggested that life came to the planet on a meteor. While that is simply not possible, even if granted we just move the topic off-world. Where did THAT life come from? It all started somewhere. Even if evolution were true, it still had to have a start. How?

The Best Explanation Is That God Exists

The best explanation is that God created life. it’s not best simply because I am a Christian who already believes it. It is best because it makes the most sense. Some Being had to be around to start life on this planet. And that Being had to be eternal in nature (or we would have to ask where He came from). Because of that, we can know that an eternal Being exists.


The same argument can be made about the existence of the universe as a whole. Some scientists say it came from the Big Bang. Well where did that come from? Nothingness cannot explode into “somethingness”.

It’s OK To Have Confidence In The Existence Of God!

You can and should have great confidence in the fact that there is a God in heaven, and that He is described for us in the pages of the Bible. If that’s your first step toward understanding Him better, then you are off to a good start. There is no other option.
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