1541 The 1000 Year Reign, Part 5: Gog And Magog

The ancient prophecy of Gog and Magog is a fascinating account that many have thought relate to the end of the world. The Book of Revelation tells us about Gog and Magog, but is this really about the end of the world? The account in Revelation is pulled from more ancient prophecy. What did those prophecies mean? Robert gives us insight in this lesson.

1539 The 1000 Year Reign, Part 3: Tips For Understanding Revelation

Revelation is a book of the Bible notorious for its confusing language and vivid images. Many people reading through this book have been confused by it, even terrified by its contents. But the book of Revelation was not intended to cause nightmares. It was written to bring hope to Christians in the early church. We too can see the glory of hope in the pages of this book, when we understand what it is saying. Robert helps us get started by revealing tips for understanding it.

1537 The 1000 Year Reign- The Spiritual Kingdom

You’ve probably heard of the One Thousand Year Reign doctrine taught by many related to the end of the world. It’s about prophecies tied with the book of Revelation and a supposed reign of Jesus on earth for 1000 years. The most common doctrine states that Jesus will return to earth someday soon and sit on David’s Throne in Israel. He will rule the world for 1000 years and there will be peace and prosperity throughout. What does the Bible say about this popular doctrine?