1529 The Antichrist, Part 3

We’ve seen two lessons about the Antichrist and where people try to find this character in the Bible. Join Robert as he brings this lesson to a close and discusses what and who the Antichrist really is.

1528 The Antichrist, Part 2

Much of the religious world is fascinated with the specter of the supposed coming Antichrist. Last week, Robert looked at passages people use to try to teach this doctrine, and in this episode he delivers more insights on the subject.

1527 The Antichrist, Part 1

Seldom do you find a darker figure painted in religious circles than the Antichrist. You know, that political figure who is said to be coming at the “end times” in order to rally the world into war with God? The Bible says surprisingly little about The Antichrist, and you may be surprised what it does say. Join us as Robert digs through God’s word and provides the truth behind the Antichrist.